April 22, 2013

Headband Curls & Twistout

Sometime last year I came across a video of girl doing headband curls. I thought that it was a cool idea and her results were really nice. But the girl in the video had naturally straight hair so I didn't think it was something that would work on me. A few weeks later, I found a video of a natural haired woman who gave it a try. It intrigued me but I never came back to the idea of trying it out. Last Monday I was a bit bored again and figured it could be something cool to try. I figured that even if it came out bad I would figure something out to do with it. I was watching my nephew for most of this time so I decided to just leave the headband in for four days. I knew I wasn't going anywhere plus I already lost interest in styling my hair lol. Anyway, here's the vid:

Pretty cool right? Very simple with an alright outcome.

For her.

For me it was an...interesting look. My roots were poofy and so were my ends but the middle section had a nice spiral curl to it lol. Since my ends were frizzy, a cute puff was out of the question. So I tried a bun but it was kinda boring so I took it down. Then I decided to do a bunch of chunky twists and do an updo or bun with it. Fail. Fail. Fail. Since I had somewhere to be, I popped on a hat and kept it moving. When I got home later that night I made my twists smaller. I don't usually get good results with twistouts on dry hair but surprisingly, I did.

Big and fluffy :)

I've had a decent two weeks with the stretched hair from my rollerset and blowout but it is soooo time for me to wash my hair and come up with something else. We'll see :)

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