November 19, 2012

6 Month Protective Style Challenge

The fact that my last relaxer was September 2008 and all I have is shoulder length hair pisses me off. I'm not gonna lie about that. I hate the fact that I have nothing to show for these past four years. I'm mostly pissed off with myself. But it is something that I need to let go. I know that I wasn't taking care of my hair like I should have and that is why things are the way they are. I know that I just said that I wouldn't worry about the length of my hair anymore. And that is true. That is not the point of this post. I just wanted to rant a bit and try to come to terms with the fact that I need to accept my hair. I need to accept the fact that my hair is thin and fine and that if you stare at it too hard, it'll break off smh. I need to accept that I am not gonna wake up and miraculously have long, thick hair. I have to be patient with my progress and take my time. If I'm good to my hair and I leave it alone, my hair will grow.

From now until May I intend on only doing protective and low manipulation styles. I figure if I just leave my hair alone for days/weeks at a time, it will be easier for me to retain length and stop worrying about my hair progress so much. Also, this challenge goes perfect with the length check that I already set for May 2013.

  • All protective styles must last at least 2 weeks
  • All low manipulation styles must last at least 1 week
  • I will deep condition every time I shampoo (which I already really makes a difference! lol)
  • I will continue to rub Castor oil on my edges on a daily basis. Weekly for my scalp.
  • I must moisturize my hair while in a protective style. I can't just leave it alone and expect my hair to be ok.
  • No Heat 
  • Keep my ends moisturized

Some styles I have in mind:
  • Mini Twists
  • Straw Curls
  • Flat Twist styles
  • Buns
  • Updos  
  • Coils/Coil-Out
  • Hair augmentation (When I eventually get a job, I will be able to afford hair. Yay!)
    • Crochet Braids :)
    • Quickweaves
    • Half Wigs
    • Ponytails
I'm excited about this challenge. I'm almost certain that I'll be able to stick to it and actually enjoy it. So far, I've had these mini twists for 3 days and I'll be able to keep them in until next weekend. I wonder what I should do next. Hmm, straw curls? We'll see :)

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