September 21, 2012

Stretched Hair Fun

Here's a couple of styles that were a result of my blowout last week.

Bantu knot out from about 30 twists:

 Bantu knot out from about 10 braids:

My second ever high bun. My first was last year.

Ok. It wasn't exactly a high bun. It started out high and ended up lower than expected.

It still came out cute though. Even though I thought I looked like a librarian. I've never been all that interested in buns or ponytails because I'd much rather wear my hair down. I'll try it again though, in a non-gradma way of course.

Oh yeah, I soooo cheated to make my bun. I have the length but no body. I probably could've made a bun without any help but I'm sure it looks waayyy better with my homemade bun enhancer.

Who knew how handy an old pair of tights could be? lol

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