September 24, 2012

Eco Styler Braidout

My hair was long overdue for a wash after I took down that bun. So after I washed my hair and did a much needed deep conditioning, I decided to try something different. Usually when I braid my hair, I use a leave-in and an oil and call it a day. But I wanted to see how my hair would come out if I also used gel. So I put some Shea Moisture Curl Milk on my damp hair and used the pink Eco Styler gel with castor and olive oil as I braided it up. As usual, I only did about 10 braids. The braids stayed in for 3 days then I took them out.

It came out nice and shiny, feeling moisturized and looking very defined.

But I didn't like it that much :/

It seems as though when I have the most definition, I have the least amount of body. This is probably why I've enjoyed styling my hair dry a lot more lately. I guess I just prefer the fluff over the definition.

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