April 9, 2012

This week in hair

Dry braidouts have become my favorite style lately. I think I need to start trying new products though because my hair feels ok but looks dry as hell. I think I'm gonna buy a pomade to seal with. When I use my sister's my hair comes out all shiny and sexy. Maybe I'll try this one or this one. We'll see...



Tuesday was an exact repeat of Monday. That night I was lazy and didn't braid my hair. So on Wednesday morning I decided to put my hair up because it was looking all types of crazy lmao.


My little twist/bun thing was cute but it took me like 20 minutes. A simple style like this should take 5 minutes, but since I'm not used to styling my hair, it took me wayyy longer smh. I was supposed to wash my hair that night but I just was too tired. So Thursday I ended up doing the same exact style. It took me 10 min instead of 20 so I'm getting there lol. I was supposed to wash my hair Thursday night but that didn't happen so Friday my hair looked exactly the same lmaoo.

I finallly washed my hair on Friday and braided it up for Saturday.


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