April 11, 2012

Fat Blob

I want to lose 100 pounds. Yes, 100.  I keep lying to myself saying that I don't mind being this size and I only want to lose a little bit of weight. That's bullshit. I want to be smaller. 

It shouldn't be this hard for me to motivate myself to make necessary changes. What the hell is holding me back? Oh yeah, me.

Maybe what I need to do is figure out why I want to lose weight. 

I've talked about this numerous times....
  • I wanna be a better me.
  • I am not anywhere close to being healthy right now.
  • I'm tired of struggling to find clothes. I hate shopping already as it is, being bigger just makes it worse.
  • I don't feel good about my body.
  • I don't want to be the "fat one."
  • I feel soooo out of shape. I get winded too easily now and that is not cool.
  • Sometimes I feel like my weight is holding me back.
  • Sometimes I don't feel cute and I don't like the way I look in my clothes. I feel like a fat blob.
  • I am capable of living a better lifestyle.

I figured out why. Now I need to find some damn motivation...

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