January 14, 2012

Straw Curls!

Last night I finally decided to do a straw set on my hair, after saying I was going to do one for theeee longest lol. So after washing and conditioning my hair, I twisted my hair into 10 sections. I probably used about 5-6 straws for each section and the products I used were Cantu shea butter, the pink Eco Styler gel and olive oil. I'm not too sure of how long it took because I had a bunch of breaks. But I think it was somewhere between 2-3 hours. When I took out the straws this afternoon I was very pleased. I separated each piece into 3 sections. My hair was soft, shiny and bouncy. The only issue is that my ends are kind of fuzzy but I think that is because of the way I wrapped the ends of my hair around the straws. Next time I'll have to figure out a better method. Maybe I needed more oil on my ends. Anyway, its not too bad, I still like it :)

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Anonymous said...

That is really awesome!!