January 9, 2012

New Look

I was reading through my blog the other day when I realized that I no longer liked the way it looked. It was kinda blah and boring looking. So I made a few changes. I'm just playing around now so things might be changing soon. Hopefully it's looking a bit more lively.

While I was changing the look around it made me think about how this new look could be symbolic in a way. I usually know when I have a problem. I'll say I'm going to fix it and never do anything about it. But it is time for me to be proactive. I'm tired of just thinking about doing things, I need to actually do them. And this may seem trivial but I feel like one small step can lead the way to bigger and better changes.

I need to learn how to take charge. I'm living my life as a passenger and basically missing out on life because I am too afraid to drive. The only reason that I feel stuck is because I made it that way and I'm comfortable playing the same role I've been playing for years. I can't have this anymore. I know I've said that a gazillion times here on this blog but now I seriously need to step up and do something.

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