January 12, 2011

Weary - Amel Larrieux

From her 2006 album Morning

This video came on the other day and I hadn't heard it in so long that it made me smile a bit. When this song came out me and my sister were completely in love with it (plus we had a bit of fun trying to hit those whistle notes Amel does at the end lol). I love this video for 3 reasons.
1 - Amel is a completely underrated artist with a beautiful voice and great words to match.
2 - I love seeing women with natural hair in the media (and if you pay attention you can see her two daughters come in the store as customers...too cute :)
3 - I completely identify with the lyrics. This song is basically saying she is tired of pretending to be strong and complacent with her situation. Yes independence is cool but sometimes you get to a point where you wouldn't mind sharing your life with someone else. It feels good to have someone to go home to. It feels good having someone that is encouraging and makes you feel better about life. She's basically saying being alone is fine, but right now I would love to have someone that I can open up to and share with. If I could just trust someone with my heart, how great could it be? I'm not scared anymore, I had my time alone and now I'm ready. -- I couldn't agree more with these words.

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