November 14, 2009


So lately I've been listening to a lot music and thinking to myself...hmmm why can't I do that? Why can't I write a song and not be scared to sing? And the answer is I can, I just choose not to out of fear. I'm getting really tired of my life being controlled by my fears. So far its gotten me nowhere, absolutely no where at all. Punking out of things that I wanna do only makes me more frustrated because after the fact I think to myself, "Hmm it couldn't have been that bad." But by then its too late and pointless to dwell on the past. So maybe I can try to actually do something a little out the box for once in my life. So now the question is when, when will I muster up the courage to say "fuck it" and do what I really want to do? But I'm too scared to say "now" so where does that lead me? Back to the beginning.

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