November 28, 2009

I Guess I Lied...Oops

Just a few hours ago I said I wouldn't write anymore, then I realized that would be impossible. So maybe I should just change what it is I'm writing about. I need some more uplifting things to say opposed to my depressing posts about being lonely and invisible. But at the same time if that's my reality, what the hell else could I write about? So maybe I should consider something else - what can I do to change my predicament. Goal #1 - bring a better attitude towards schoolwork. I've never really been a motivated student and now my accidental A's aren't coming in anymore. I need to put a lot of effort into my work now but I'm not. I'm slacking, on some serious shit. So now what I need to do is get focused for the end of this semester and for Spring 10.

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Miss Rivers said...

Girl, first, you are a writer, period. When you write for the Fahari Libertad, you are a writer for life. Regardless of the topic at hand, dance that pen on the paper or moonwalk your fingers on the computer keyboard. Second, I miss my accidental A's too. I know you're a smart chick and procrastination is stronger than that of motivation. But you will come out a winner. Third, utilize gym, more fruit and veggies and less sugar and you will be fine. And four, you wanna feel uplifted? Do things that make you happy, play pacman, flip for your favorite scripture in the Good Book. Love peace and hair grease :0)