April 4, 2009

Just a Little Rant

I'm offensive, maybe even rude. I always want an explanation because I like when things make sense to me. I am in constant opposition with the people closest to me. We disagree, I don't care, its just conversation - but they care, they get offended. I openly receive criticism. Yeah I get offended easily, but I'll talk it out. Maybe loudly, maybe softly. What can I say? That's just a part of who I am. Take me like this or leave me the fuck alone. PERIOD.
If you don't like being around me, here's a simple solution: don't come around me!!! DUH lol. I'm sorry but I'm not apologetic about me being me (contradiction right? lol), I don't have time to. Just like I don't have time to care. If you're close to me then you'd know that I'm not abrasive on purpose, I actually mean well. It just doesn't come off that way...like ever lol.

To Be Continued...

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