March 23, 2009

Back To Life, Back To Reality.......

Spring Break is over and this saddens me.
I like being at school, being away from home is a great experience. But on the other hand, once I go home, it's so hard for me to come back to school. Since I lay around and do nothing, coming back to writing papers and taking tests is a taste of reality. Getting back in the swing of things has always been a problem for me though. For as long as I can remember I have not liked doing work and going to school. What the hell is wrong with me? Of course I'm lazy but I've maintained my motivation. So I do my assignments although I'd rather be sleeping. But then again I'm sure everyone would probably rather be sleeping, eating and doing things that they enjoy.

Going home and doing nothing for a week is detrimental to my studies. Like seriously.
Back to life.....back to reality

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