March 29, 2015

Hair Update

My hair has become less and less important to me. For months now, I've known that I wanted to cut it. Because it was the winter, I decided to wait until it gets a bit warmer to do my second big chop. So in the meantime, I've been wearing a lot of protective styles. Mostly because I'm just over my hair. Here's a few of my looks:

Straight crochet braids with a "knot less" part.

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It just wasn't working for me, so I took it out after a week and put in Marley hair. I initially did a braidout on the hair, then I did straw curls.

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Then I bought a half-wig from Outre named "Annie." I looove this hair because it looks like my hair straightened. It blended really well and a few people thought it was actually my hair. Yeah right! lol

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For my birthday I decided that I wanted big hair. So I made a 3/4 crochet wig with Marley hair and did a braidout.  My hair blended perfectly!

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And I'm currently wearing another crochet wig that I made with Glance Waterwave. Loooove this hair!

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I just did a straw set on the 3/4 wig so that'll probably be my next look. And after that? Chop chop! I'm looking forward to cutting my hair. I'm just ready to not focus so much on my hair. I also just want a new beginning, and this chop will be a part of my process.

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