March 29, 2015

Loud Self Love

Writing Prompts from The Quiet Guide To Loud Self Love by GG Renee Hill

I want my life to say beauty, growth, accomplishments.
I want to feel warmth and pride when someone asks what I do for a living.
What types of people and places make you feel comfortable to express yourself and be creative? Genuine people. Loving people. Non-judgmental people. 
I want to give the gift of me to the world. (too vain?)
Being around people who have found their purpose and use their gifts inspires me.
Being around people who talk endlessly about nonsense drains me.
I love to be complimented on things that I’ve created.
I always feel intimidated by talented people. Their talent doesn’t intimidate me, it’s their ability to be fearless in the moment and share it with others. I’m trying to get to that place.
I love to write, but I rarely if ever make time for it in my life.
Beautiful music, especially when performed live, makes me feel euphoric and magical and thankful to be alive.
People often ask me for help with ______.
I often catch myself daydreaming about getting my life in order. Accomplishing simple things.
If time and money were not concerns, I would spend my time reading, writing, playing music and singing.
I feel ugly when ______. It’s not often that I feel ugly.
I feel beautiful when the sun shines on my face.
One of the confessions in the book stood out to me. Most likely because I could've easily written it myself.

“Both failure and success terrify me. I don’t take chances because I don’t want to experience extreme highs and lows. I don’t think I can handle it. But deep down, I know I want more.”

I love GG Renee so much because its like she knows me. The way she writes, the things that she says...its like she's my long lost twin lol 

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