July 30, 2014

Atlantic City

This past Saturday I went to Atlantic City for the first time. I had a good time with my sister. We strolled the boardwalk, ate some overpriced food and gambled a bit. I won $55! That's not a lot but for my first time gambling, I think I did pretty damn good lol. Plus, who doesn't like random money being put in their hand? lol

Oh yeah, I was cute :)
I wore dark lipstick for the first time, everrr lol

I also got a "personality reading," because I never had a reading before andddd it was $5. I figured it wouldn't hurt.

The psychic lady told me that I had a really good aura, I need to focus on my career and finance, I'll be traveling next year, I should be wary of someone from my past who's gonna pop up and that next year two men will fall in love with me.

First off, I think she was spot on! Secondly, two men falling in love with me??? Whaaaaa? Lol. No, but on a serious note, I totally agree about me needing to focus on my career goals and finances. I need to work hard to put myself in a better position and the time is now. Next month will make it a full year that I've been at my job. This was only supposed to be a temporary gig to hold me over while I searched for something better. Unfortunately, I got really comfortable and stopped looking for better. Well, my time is up. I need to move on. Also, I really liked what she said about my good aura. I actually agree. People tend to like me, most of the time I have no clue why lol. As far as the traveling part…I hope she's spot on. For the past two weeks or so, every time I see a plane, I'm wondering where it's going and why I'm not on it.

I've been feeling a subtle shift lately. Its mostly due to me trying to adjust the way I think. I'm trying to be more positive and proactive. I go through my ups and downs and my ups are usually short lived. But this time around, I think some things are gonna stick. I'm excited :)

Ohhh yeah, I also got my first henna tattoo! I couldn't find something I liked so I went with something classic, an Ankh on my right wrist. Lookie  :)

Overall, I had a really good day :)


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