December 16, 2013

Straight Hair Itch


I've been thinking about straightening my hair for a few months now. I was waiting to buy a new flat iron and for the weather to change before giving a straight hair a shot. The weather has changed so I figured one of these days I'd do some research and buy a flatiron. Before I got a chance to do my research I randomly came across this video.

My last rollerset got my hair realllly straight so I was like ding ding ding when I watched this. I've seen this method before but her results had me wanting to try it on my next washday.

A couple of weeks ago I received a box of 9 products from Profective...yup, I won another giveaway! :)
It was so random too. I got an email in September from LoveBrownSugar telling me that I won a giveaway that I entered in May! So I had to go back and see what it was I won. I'm thinking I just won a shampoo and conditioner but I get a box full of 9 things, yes 9!!! Now this Mega Growth line isn't necessarily geared towards natural hair so I was happy to get them but not ecstatic. I actually ended up donating a couple of things. After deciding to try straight hair, I figured I could use these products. They also claim to be good for heat styling so I thought my rollerset would come out pretty decent.

...which it did. Except for my ends, which desperately needed to be clipped. After wrapping my hair it did not get any straighter. And no I don't have pics lmao. Maybe I'll try it again with different products. Maybe lol.

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