March 1, 2013

Braid N Curl

For Valentine's Day there were a bajillion new natural hair tutorials. I came across NikkiMae's version of a braid n curl.

I've seen this style plenty of times before but I've never seen such fluffy results. Her hair would probably be more defined if it had dried all the way but I enjoyed the look anyway.

I plan on doing this style soon. My mini twists have run their course and I decided against doing the party tendrils. I'll do that some other time. Ooh random - I did a rollerset on my twists, which stretched the hell out of them. So I've been wearing my twists in a ponytail for the last two days. I haven't worn a ponytail since...high school? Yeah, something like that. I'm a little hype about my little pony lol. Oh yeah, back to the braid n curl...

Ooh maybe I'll finally use the free jars of Curls Unleashed Curl Defining Creme and Curl Boosting Jelly from the Curly and Lovely giveaway that I won back in November. Did I ever mention that before? Oh yeah, I received two full sized, 16 ounce jars of product. Clearly, they have been just sitting around, not being used lol. Well, my mother uses the Creme from time to time so I need to put it to use before she steals it lol. Updates soon :)

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