March 17, 2013

Crochet Braids Pt. 7 - Birthday Hair :)

My birthday was this past Thursday and leading up to last week I couldn't figure out what I wanted to do with my hair. Recently, I haven't felt like dealing with my hair and I knew I needed to put it away for a while. So of course, my first thought was to get some crochet braids. They're cheap, low maintenance and they don't put unnecessary stress on my hair. I've wanted to try long wavy hair for a long time so I quickly decided that is what I'd do. I had a moment of clarity and for once in my life, I made a decision in 5 minutes and I decided to stick with it. After deciding on wavy hair I then had to decide on which wavy curl lol. There's a lotttt to choose from smh. A while ago my sister had Freetress Appeal and I loved it on her so I just went with that. As far as the color went, I thought #2 was too dark and #4 was too light so we blended them together. And I loveddddd the results! Oh did I mention that the hair is 24 inches? Yeah...we only did a bit of trimming because I couldn't let go of the length...or the volume. We used almost 4 packs, which is probably too much hair. But ask me how much I care! Not one bit. Nope. I loooove my hair. Maybe just a bit too much...

This look is verrrry different from anything I've ever done with my hair. It was a bit to get used to at first but I got over that quick. I was afraid that I would look like one of those weaved up chicks with way too much hair on their heads, walking around thinking they are cute, when in reality, they look like a hot mess. That fear subsided quickly. I'm feeling good so I. Don't. Care.

This hair probably won't last as long as my curlier crochet braids since it's easier for this curl to get flat. When it gets old I will be putting it in a bun, a big braid, any other style I could think of and cutting it shorter. Hopefully this can last at least 3 weeks. We'll see :)

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