December 7, 2009

Ooh LL...

For as long as I can remember I've always loved this song. I mean doesn't it send such a positive message? It's encouraging safe sex and encouraging men to learn how to please their's downright educational! LMFAOO Ok maybe I took it too far. But it is a good ass song. Let this shit play at a party ooh wee I'm gone! Some classic shit!

For a more recent song by LL that I love....Can't Explain It

Felt like sharing my fave lyrics of the song, so here they are:

I love to take my time, love to give you a show
Get the warm chocolate syrup to travel below
Use my ears like handlebars, take control

Never too much, I lick it like a Dutch
Two of my favorite numbers, you know what I mean
Add 'em up and they equal fifteen
You the 6... I needed you like a fix

Hmmm sounds good to me LL....
Too bad you're 41 which means you are old enough to be my father. Plus you have a child that is one year older than me. Way to fuck up my fantasy old man! Hahahaha

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