December 11, 2009

Bah Humbug Pt.2

1. First off I'd like to say that Santa Claus can suck my dick. He has no place in my life and no value to me whatsoever.
2. Christmas has forever been ruined for me. The month of December sucks...I hate this month.
3. I don't want to spend money on anyone, no one should spend money on me. Shit, times is hard.
4. My love for Christmas has changed dramatically since I was has lost all of its attractiveness.
5. I don't see the purpose for exchanging gifts. Yes, I understand it can be a way of expressing love and showing that you care. But is that really what Christmas is really about? No. Just a gimmick to get people to buy shit, lots of shit.
6. Christ wasn't born in December...
7. Holiday time is supposed to be family time. Oh isn't that so great. Why can't we have family time any fucking time? Just a thought...
8. Holiday decorations are annoying...someone's house should catch on fire.

Damn, is that too harsh? Hmmm I don't care. But one thing I do love about Christmas is that I get time off to spend with my family and relax. If there's one thing I'm looking forward to about Christmas, it's that. Oh yeah and food lol.


Kriss said...

y has it been ruined for u? i agree wit mostly evrything but wats rong wit december?

Shatera said...

First off, thanks for reading :-D
Second, I feel like the reason I hate December shouldn't even be used as an excuse. But the fact that I buried my father in December has fucked up the month for me forever. Kinda sad, I probably shouldn't focus on it but hey...its how I feel.