October 29, 2013

I Will Love Me

Last Sunday I went to SOBs for R&B Spotlight featuring Lil Mo. I really enjoyed watching all the unsigned/unknown talent because it brought me back to the days when we'd go to the 5 Spot  for karaoke/open mic every week. Lil Mo's set was good, but that wasn't a surprise at all. And omg she's so tiny! lol During the show there were a couple of good performers but the one that stood out the most was Rachel Kerr from the UK. her voice was beautiful and she was really engaging, she had a great stage presence. Her voice is freakishly similar to Beyonce's, which I found to be creepy at first but I got over it lol. After being impressed, that night I looked her up. Here's one of the songs she performed:

I really like this song, especially live. And I randomly catch myself singing it. I look forward to seeing more from her :)

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