October 30, 2013

Boy Crazy? Meeeee?

Last week I found my old journal that briefly chronicled bits and pieces of my life from 2004-2006. It was a bit weird to see where was head was at during that part of my life. Especially since that feels like a lifetime ago.
  • I was kinda boy crazy. Which was a shock to me because I've never outwardly shared those type of feelings. I guess that's what I was using my journal for. But I was shocked to see that 90% of what I wrote was about random boys lol.
  • I talked about sex a lot. Like, a lot. I wasn't doing anything just yet but I damn sure was into talking about it lol.  Horny lil teenagers man smh
  • I mentioned my father once. And it was just a sentence. I didn't allow myself to talk about him and in a way, I still don't. I miss him, he's not here anymore...what else do I need to say? 
  • I was soooo into my ex boyfriend lol
  • I really wish I would've kept writing. I would love to see how I was feeling during all the craziness that came after that period.

Maybe I should start keeping a journal again. Hmmm....

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