October 31, 2012

Three Strand Twistout

I said that I was going to try straw curls on my straight crochets but I kinda lost interest in the hair. So after 2 weeks of being tucked away, my hair is out and free. I just missed it too much. 

Over the past couple of weeks I have seen a few bloggers talk about 3 strand twist outs. I first read about it on AfroniquelyYou, then on Hairscapades. So after I took out my crochet braids, I decided that I would try it out. After watching this tutorial, I practiced and I was surprised at how easy it was and how quick I picked it up. I did about 25 twists using Cantu Shea Butter Creamy Hair Lotion, castor oil, and my pink EcoStyler gel. I kept my hair in twists for two days then I took them down to these results:

As usual with twistouts, there was shrinkage, but the definition was worth it. I honestly don't see a major difference between two strand twists and three strand twists. The outcome was basically the same. The only difference was that my curls had a bit of wave to them instead of perfect cylinders. I'm not all that into twistouts anymore but I would definitely try it again, especially since it was so damn simple.

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