April 27, 2010

Lost and Found

Ever hear a song and you feel like it was written just for you? I love that feeling. When I first heard this song last semester I couldn't function. I had to stop. All I was capable of doing was listening. I quickly learned the words in anticipation of singing it at Niabinji (A Night of Creative Expression). But of course, me being a punk, it didn't happen. I had hoped by the end of the spring semester the way I felt would not be the same. Oh well, guess not :-/

Lost And Found - Ledisi

Here are the lyrics:

Always alone, someone come for me
Here on my own, feels like the pain lasts an eternity
Tears come no more, I wanna smile again, love again

Please someone find me

Souls pass me by, why can’t they see me here?
Touch me one time, just like magic I will reappear
Sadness like the rain, its showers over me, I wanna feel again

Please someone find me

Lost not yet found
Breathing in misery
Hope lurks around
When will the sun ever shine on me?
I need love to come and carry me, take me away

Please someone find me

I’ll sing my song
Maybe I’ll scream and shout
Please someone come, I don’t wanna live without love
Hear my plea, I have love to give, I wanna live

Please someone find me

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