April 23, 2010


Here's one of my poems that's gonna be in the next issue of the Fahari-Libertad Magazine
Felt the need to share :-D


Am I a fool for allowing you to occupy my space?
Am I blind to the fact that you can never give me
What I want? What I need?
I allowed you to use me…and I knew what it was when it went down
So what do I gain from this?
Temporary, fleeting…only for a few hours type of pleasure
Nothing real
It doesn’t last
Only a few moments in time
So why do I do it?
I can only go so long without a hug, a kiss, an embrace
Reassurance that I’m alive and capable of feeling
Without this reminder, where am I?
Alone again
Without someone to hold me
So either way I lose
I’m alone with you…alone without you

1 comment:

Quiet Storm said...

We are so related it's not funny!!!!! Why do I feel like that's something I would write?! The way you wrote it and everything. Crazy