April 9, 2010


Ok, so I can't keep from blogging...especially right now when I feel like I have 89370482364 things going WRONG in my life.

I've been having health issues stressing me out, issues at home stressing me out, and schoolwork that I just don't feel like doing. What the hell??? I don't quite know whats going on with me but I'm not liking it at all. I've been feeling like I need an escape. I don't wanna be home, but I don't wanna be here at school...I'm just all confused. A part of me wants to run down the street screaming, while another part of me just wants to curl up into a little ball and say fuck everything. The reality is that I can't do either....both would be a waste of time and energy and neither would get me anywhere.

But on another note, here's this Solange song that I have had stuck in my head for weeks. I fucking love this woman lmao.

Under Construction - Solange

Right now I'm feeling under construction. I don't quite know where I'm going or how I'm getting there but my destination better be worth this journey. Wait, there's no hoping...it will be worth this journey.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Shatera, sometimes crying solves things. It at least gets all that balled up emotion out. Just a big cry, pity yourself. Write stuff down so you don't have to keep it inside of you. Once you get everything out, even if you just talk to yourself out loud you will find its a lot easier to start working on the most important things. People think crying is a sign of weakness but actually it helps release a lot of stuff.