February 28, 2010

Donde Esta El Doctor???

I finally got an itch scratched but all that did was spread the rash. If only I could get some ointment that would continually soothe me. It's unfortunate that they don't sell the kind of ointment I like up here at school. Hopefully when I go back home to the city I can visit the many stores that have better selections. One day I will find the right one and there will be no need for a quick fix.

All a quick fix does is make matters worse. Maybe I don't even need ointment...perhaps all I need is a doctor that knows exactly what he's doing. If he's always available to assist me in whatever problem I have, there would be no need for ointment.

Necesito ayuda...donde esta el doctor?

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Euclyn said...

Attn: plz dont take this post literal!!!