August 7, 2015

Oh yeah, I'm bald...

Soooo I cut my hair on 4/30/15.

I went from this.

Displaying 0415151004j.jpg

To this.

Displaying 0719151446.jpg

And I couldn't be happier.

I decided to cut my hair for a few reasons. I was tired of doing my hair. I wanted something low maintenance. I wanted to start over. So my hair cut was for convenience but also an attempt for me to shed some negative energy. So far, so good :)


Rizky Ismail said...
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Sakmaquil said...

Hello Shahera I hope I spelled that right... I tried to comment on an earlier blog about how you felt about your weight...but for some reason I kept getting a blank screen I decided to try reaching you through another post sooo... from one who understands I say now comes the change and when you see the drasticness of the change whatever you do don't stop treat you new excercise routine as an responsibility...I do a set of 8 3count mountain climbers a day...yes only 24 in all and I lost two pant sizes in time for summer...then I stopped I kept off the two sizes but my belly regained it don't stop. I also increased my protein. P.S. yes you did look lovely on the begining of your 25th year... Khadijah

Sakmaquil said...


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