April 12, 2015

Hey You

For about two years or so I did not like my face. I didn't want to take pictures, which is out of character for me. Somehow, I no longer thought I was pretty. All I saw was acne, random chin hair and a double chin. Now how could I, my gorgeous ass, stop seeing what I knew and believed for so long? After my skinny childhood days, then chubby prepubescent days, puberty did me well. I finally liked my face. Shit, I was actually a bit cocky lol. Maybe I didn't have any eyebrows, maybe I had a big nose...that didn't matter. I was cute and I knew it. Until recently. I was never one to shy away from a camera. Ever. But the heavier I got, the less I liked my face. I didn't look like myself, I didn't know who that chick was.

Now, at my heaviest, somehow I've come back around to liking my face. Yeah its a little fat, my acne scars haven't faded yet, I still find random chin hairs and I still have that damn double chin. But those eyes are gorgeous. Those beauty marks are wonderful. That big nose, a beautiful daily remembrance of my father and grandmother. Those nonexistent eyebrows, a reminder of the grandma I never met. And nice full lips. I am beautiful.

Just the way I am.

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