September 24, 2013

Ooh Baby

"Ooh Baby" from Ciara's Goodies (2004)

When Ciara's first album came out, me and my sister played it nonstop. Like over and overrrr lol. Nine years later and I'm still in love with the CD. Whenever I hear a song from it I'm brought back to being 14/15. It's crazy when I look back on it, it feels like forever ago. I really enjoyed that part of my life. It was my freshman year of high school. I was young and cute of course lol. Crushing hard on this boy, living life carefree. I miss those days.

I really love how music can bring up old feelings. Well, the good ones anyway lol. Momentarily you're brought back to the moment you first heard or fell in love with a song. And you remember just how good it felt...

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