September 6, 2013


For the past few months I've been itching to add a little color to my hair. I flirted with the idea of dying my ends but I never really came to a decision of whether or not I should do it. Lately I've been thinking I could add color when I twist my hair or get crochets. That way I can get what I want without the risk of damaging my hair. Last week I came across two videos of natural haired ladies that used clip-ins to get a little splash of color. I know plenty of women add little pieces here and there but it never even crossed my mind to add hair to mine. I think in terms of either just my hair alone or a complete protective style with all of my hair covered. Clip-ins have never entered my world of possibilities but now that they have, I'm intrigued.

Here's the videos:

Oh, just to warn you, she has a ton of gorgeous hair!

I like how in the following video she incorporates the clip-ins as she styles her hair instead of just adding them in later.

If I can't find any affordable clip-ins I could always buy some regular old weft hair and sew on the little comb thingies myself lol.

Knowing me...I'll probably just skip looking for clip-ins and go right to the cheapie version. Cuz that's how I get down lmao

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