November 25, 2010

Single Life

So the other day there was a trending topic on Twitter that looked something like #whyblackwomenaresingle #reasonsblackgirlsaresingle #blackwomenaresingle or something like that...can't quite remember. But anyway it sparked something in me because there were many negative things said about Black women that rubbed me the wrong way.Then I starting thinking, why should I be offended if these comments don't even apply to me? Which they don't.

I know why I'm single.

I'm single because my exterior doesn't match my interior
they see my physical features and don't dig any deeper

I guess my 5ft9 thick and shapely frame is too much for you.
I guess its because I can hold an intelligent conversation, make you laugh and think.
I guess its my gentle soothing touch that can ignite you from within.
I guess its because I can arouse you without even touching you.

It's because you're intimidated by my education and ambitions for obtaining more.
It's because I'm not easy, I create a challenge and I'm worth the wait.
It's because she gave it up but I didn't.
It's because you don't like women with substance.
It's because you feel inadequate compared to me.

Why are you so damn afraid?
Come out of hiding

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