November 24, 2010

I Wasted My Vagina On You, Yes You

I've been debating for a while whether or not I wanted to write this post but I figured...ehh why the hell not? Its been on my brain so why not write about it.

I know I was never important to you. I was nothing more than a lay. But I don't give myself away that easily. So why did I with you? Simple. I was lonely, you were there. You were slightly interested...that was enough. But that should never be enough. I'm worth more than a slight curiosity and interest. I'm more than just some chick that let you creep up inside of her. I'm more than that. So how did this happen? Simple. I felt alone. Those brief moments with you gave me comfort...temporarily. That's all they were good for and were barely good for that. What makes it worse is that I didn't desire you and I knew you didn't desire me. Your performance was lacking, barely there, nonexistent. A waste of time and a waste of my body. Damn, I wasted my vagina on you...yes you.

I should've known better.
I didn't.
I will know better.
I do.
The next person I share my body with will be worth it.

So now I feel stupid. I knew you thought I was young and naive. But I was neither of those. My age and {lack of} experience has nothing to do with it. I allowed myself to be tricked into thinking it was ok. But it wasn't.

This post is a combination of my feelings about an experience and different women. Women (and men) all have experiences that they wish never happened or they feel could've been prevented. But it happened anyway and now there's regret. For me, there is no regret...just a lesson learned.

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