May 7, 2010

There Goes My Sex, I mean Baby

I’ve been hearing good things about Usher's new single “There Goes My Baby.” And from only hearing the chorus a few times, I thought the song was cute. It’s good to hear a man declare his pride in being with his girl. But then I actually listened to the entire song and realized it was about fucking! Oh but of course! He’s not proud to be with her because she is a beautiful, intelligent, humorous, independent, sexy woman. He’s proud to be able to fuck her! What the hell is going on with our music? It really frustrates me to hear songs like these. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying having sex with someone or making a song about it. I get that part. The part I don’t get is why are the only reasons listed physical? Is that all a man can love about a woman? “Ooh baby I love you so much because your breasts are so gorgeous and you know how to ride my dick just the way I like it.” Um, is this what we’ve come to? SMFH

Also, on another note…who is this woman he is so proud to be with? He says, “Like waterfalls, your hair falls down to your waist.” Not to say that Black women can’t have long hair (cuz they surely can) but how many Black women do you know with hair falling down to their waists? Well…ok a lot of women have weaves nowadays. So if that is the case, he loves her because she has a nice weave? Come on now…we can do better than that.

Listen for yourself and tell me if I'm overreacting or not lol

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Novlette said...

Very true. This society has come to a visual call and response action society. It is all about the physicality. We should be able to trust our artist to make good music. But these singers nowadays do not want be accountable for their lack of changing this downward trend.It is a shame really... #ThatIsAll