May 20, 2010

I ♥ ♫

In The Realm of Music
By Shatera G. Fahari-Libertad Spring 09 - Technology/Communication Issue

I can depend on you

I’m assured that you won’t let me down

You’re not selfish
You cater to my every need

You constantly give and never take away

Instead of draining me of energy,
You lift me up and make me feel better

You take me away

Far away to another place

Where everything is fine,
I’m loved and happy

A place where no one else can go
A place where anything is possible

I can be myself

There are no false pretenses

I know exactly what is going on
You won’t deceive me

There is no confusion

Unlike people,
I can trust you
I can live forever in the realm of music

Since I wrote this I've realized that I cannot live in the realm of music, no matter how hard I try. Real life is complex and attempting to hide from it in my music doesn't allow for much growth.

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