March 30, 2010


I need to stop trusting people with my business. When I'm around my close friends I let loose and say whatever the hell comes to mind, which is usually reckless lol. But I take comfort in being able to be myself and say how I feel, what I think, and talk about my experiences. But now I'm learning this is not such a good idea. I guess since I'm so open and free about my shit, now people think they can be with my info as well. This is not the case. Some people fail to realize that what you tell them is between you and them, no one else. I can explicitly say, "don't tell anyone" and yet miraculously there is a misunderstanding and my business is put out there? WTF? Granted, no one really gives a shit about what goes on in my life cuz I pretty much keep to myself. But that is not the point, privileged information should not be shared, ever.

Maybe I should just be more careful who I trust. Even the people closest to me.

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yeppp said...

I totally agree with this post 100%! Sometimes it is best to keep things to yourself.