October 31, 2009

Invisible Pt 2

I wrote my last blog in class while we were having a library session and right after class on my way to lunch this song came on....

What a coincidence?

I love this song, always have and always will. I could always relate to it and sadly it is exactly how I feel sometimes. Here's the lyrics:
Who really cares?
Who really cares?
When I talk?
What I feel?
What I say?
Nobody not really

Who wants to take
The time to understand
I would like someone to heal me with some empathy
But I can't find…
Nobody not really

Maybe I'm invisible to the world
Does anyone in the world even think of me?
As more than just a hopeless cause
Maybe the world is not my block

My stoop
My life
My dreams
My anything, anything

Who wants to help?
Mama, but she's so tired
Papa, but you're not here
I'm alone in a big empty space with
Nobody not really


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