November 5, 2014



When you know you have a purpose in life, 
but you constantly ignore it.
When you feel completely unfulfilled and empty.
Like you're floating around, purposeless.
When you wake up every morning wondering,
when will I get the chance to LIVE?
When you arrive at work and realize that you don't belong,
you will NEVER belong, but you must stay for a paycheck.
When you go to bed every night feeling lonely, sad and unused
You're empty. Nothing pouring into you, nothing coming out of you.
So why are you here?
You know why. You have to know right?
That’s what everyone tells you.
You're a writer. You're creative.
You know that this is true.
So what do you do about it?
Stay miserable and unfed?
When you know you can do something greater, much greater than this.
When you know that you can be fed, poured into, filled up…if you leave.
The only thing is, to where?
Time to find a destination.

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